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Plastic Machining Company Highlights Advanced Material Solutions for Process Industries Ahead of SAMPE 2019 Expo

SAMPE 2019 Expo

Plastics and plastic composites continue to shape the future of many industries including paper, packaging, food processing, wastewater treatment, lumber, assembly lines, conveyor systems, and just about any sector utilizing power transmission and industrial wear components. Plastic Machining Company utilizes materials with wear, friction, weight, and chemical resistance properties that are at the crux of the direct replacement of metals in these industry systems and machinery.

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Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Exposition: Plastic Machining Company Highlights Solutions for Lumber and Wood Products Industries

Wood Product Solutions

PMC offers part solutions for applications including primary/secondary breakdown; log and bulk processing; biomass and residuals processing; automation and optimization control; sort and stack; and planer mill, lumber, engineered wood, veneer and plywood manufacturing systems.

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