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ProFood Tech 2017: Plastic Machining Company Explains Benefits of Plastics in Food Processing Equipment

UHMW and Nylon Plastics for Food Processing Applications

With the ProFood Tech show underway (the largest food and beverage processing industry event in 2017), Plastic Machining Company highlights its work within the industry.

Plastic Machining Company, or PMC, is a leader in wear part applications for food processing machinery, most notably in machinery exposed to harsh or unique conditions where plastics are substituted for metal power transmission components.

Choosing ideal replacement parts in food processing involves great care around worker safety, traceability, consistency, quality, and a safe food production.

There are no major differences in the shape or design of plastic power transmission parts, so most metal power transmission parts can be directly swapped for a plastic counterpart, generally nylon or UHMW.

Solutions for Fish Processing PlantsPlastic Machining Company weighs all environmental considerations to deliver a part that meets project specifications in the most cost-effective manner. Additional considerations may include the weight of the load to be transmitted, the speed at which a part turns or moves, the environments in which the parts will operate, the need for lubrication, and the tolerance (thermal expansion) of the part under varying temperature changes.

In food processing equipment, the ubiquitous nature of power transmission parts allows for the direct replacement of rollers, guides, pulleys, gears, sprockets and more in evisceration, chilling, distribution, slaughtering, cutting, skinning, deboning, and batching machines as well as most conveyor and industrial packaging systems.

IPrecision UHMW and Nylon Machining Technology for Seafood Processingn the bottling and canning industry, Plastic Machining Company can provide OEM replacement parts for cupping systems, trippers, spray systems, and light testing machines to name a few.

The seafood industry requires additional consideration for parts that may be exposed to moisture, sea salts (salt water), wash-down chemicals, and other heavy water contaminants.

Customers have used PMC replacement parts in a variety of OEM fish and seafood processing equipment from leading industry manufacturers, including BAADER.

UHMW and Nylon Plastics for Food Processing ApplicationsFrom UHMW rollers and guides in knife sharpening systems (e.g. BAADER 61 Knife Sharpening Machine) and acetal pulleys in gutting and skinning systems (e.g. BAADER 444 Heading and Gutting Machine, BAADER 52 Skinner), to nylon belt guides for mincing machines (e.g. BAADER 600-607) and UHMW wear strips for shellfish butchering (e.g. BAADER 2801 Crab Butcher), Plastic Machining Company has the expertise to replace nearly any OEM power transmission part.

Plastic Machining Company offers nylon and natural UHMW in FDA approved and USDA compliant grades. Self-lubricating moly- or oil-filled nylon is especially useful in parts that come in close contact with food as they do not require an external lubricant that may compromise the food.

With state-of-the-art CNC Routers, Mills and Lathes, Plastic Machining Company is positioned to fabricate the simple to the complex. PMC parts scale from over twenty feet long and ten inches thick to parts that can rest on the tip of a finger. If your specific requirement is not in stock, we can produce most parts within fifteen working days. Check with Plastic Machining Company for specifics. Call 877-762-5449 for more information.


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