Plastic sprockets from PMCPMC offers a variety of plastic sprockets, manufactured from high-performance nylon and UHMW plastics.

Plastic sprockets made from these durable polymer materials offer wear and noise reduction advantages over comparable metal products. UHMW and nylon plastics both feature resistance to harsh chemicals and contaminants.

Plastic power transmission parts do not rust like many metals and survive in the harshest of environmental conditions.

UHMW components are available in food grade materials and are self-lubricating.

  • Resists fungal and bacterial growth
  • FDA, USDA, HACCP and NSF compliant
  • Corrosion, chemical, wear and moisture resistant
  • Self Lubricating

Sprocket Hubs

‘A’ Plate

No hubs
‘B’ Hub One sided hub

‘C’ Hub

Dual hubs