Wood Products Industry: Custom, OEM & Power Transmission Parts Solutions

Plastic Machining Company is a leader in OEM and custom-designed machined parts, as well as plastic replacement parts for metal power transmission and conveyor components in machines and systems throughout all timber, lumber and wood products industries.

Plastic Machining Company offers solutions for components in machines & systems throughout all timber, lumber and wood product industries.Sourcing OEM replacement parts for wood products equipment is often as expensive if not more so than using more durable and cost-effective purpose-designed machined parts. PMC custom and OEM replacement parts have wide-spread use that cover the complete spectrum of components found in lumber presses, bandmills, carriages, debarkers, edgers, log turners, slabbers, driers, wall liners, conveyors and other agricultural, forest and wood equipment, to name a few.

The ubiquitous nature of power transmission components and wear parts throughout timber-related industries, with the unique ability of plastics to directly replace metal parts without differences in part-design considerations, allows for our PMC plastics experts to advise customers on solutions from simple part replacement to large-scale custom designs that save time, money and headaches.

Benefits of Plastics for Lumber and Wood Products Industries:

  • State of the Art CNC Machinery
  • Journeyman Machinists, Fabricators, and plastics experts
  • 30+ years focused on the lumber & wood products industry
  • Large inventory of finished UHMW, nylon, acetal (also referred to by its brand name DuPont™ Delrin®) plastic parts
  • A full line of wear resistant sheet, rod and tube
  • Part solutions that will not rust or corrode
  • Longer part life
  • Lightweight parts that are easy to transport and replace
  • Substantial noise reduction

Popular Products for Lumber and Wood Products Industries:

  • OEM replacement parts
  • Mill sprockets
  • Bin, wall and floor liner material
  • Sorter components
  • Kiln cart bushings
  • J hooks
  • Chain races & flights
  • Chain guides and chainways