Bushings & Washers

PMC manufactures durable nylon plastic bushings and washers that offer significant wear and noise reduction advantages over comparable metal products.

Bushings, also known as plain bearings, are used in machinery that has a rotating or a sliding shaft, and work to reduce friction between the rotating shaft and the structure supporting it. Many metals require external lubrication as there are no rolling or moving parts in a bushing. Plastic bushings, specifically those made from filled nylon plastic, have the advantage of self-lubrication.

Moly-Filled Nylon Sleeve Plastic BushingsPlastic Machining Company sleeve bushings are made from bearing grade moly filled nylon plastic. Moly filled MD nylon sleeve bushings are not food contact approved products and are dark gray in color due to the Molybdenum Disulfide grease molded into them.

PMC provides alternative solutions for components requiring food contact compliant (FDA, USDA) materials. Our manufacturing facility can produce any of our products in almost any material on request.

Nylon bushings work well in electrical and electronic applications and for applications requiring a slip surface.

In addition, PMC can machine nearly any type of washer, from lock washers that are used to secure fasteners to spring washers for load-bearing devices. Other machined washers include C and D-shaped washers, finishing washers, flat washers, countersunk washers, and shoulder washers.