Gears & Gear Racks

Plastic Gears from Plastic Machining CompanyWith in-house manufacturing capabilities, Plastic Machining Company offers OEM and metal replacement as well as custom plastic gears to meet almost any gearing needs.

Plastic Machining Company gears and gear racks are manufactured from high-performance materials including nylon plastic and acetal plastic. These durable polymers offer wear and noise reduction advantages over comparable metal products. PMC’s metal replacements are identical in design and meet most industry specifications.

Standard machined spur gears are manufactured from food grade oil filled nylon plastic and standard molded spur gears are made from acetal plastic. Speak with Plastic Machining Company about your specific application and we will work to find the most cost-effective solution for your projects’ demands.

We also carry the full Poly-Hi Solidur product line of plastic gears and gear racks.