Wear Strips & Parts

PMC Offers Extremely Low Friction Plastic Wear StripsWhile employing state-of-the-art CNC machining, wear strips and wear part from Plastic Machining Company is handcrafted, finished and inspected. You use your components one at a time, so we treat each part like our only order, even when you buy five thousand parts.

Plastic Machining Company’s wear strip solutions safely support and guide roller chains and conveyor belts, designed to limit movement of the belt and reduce vibration throughout the system to eliminate problems from an increased load on bearings, sprockets, and motors.

If your specific requirement is not in stock, we can produce most wear strips and other parts in fifteen working days. Check with Plastic Machining Company for specifics.

Plastic Machining Company is proud to offer the finest materials available today including Tivar UHMW and Nylatron by Quadrant Engineered Plastics and Nyloil by Cast Nylons, LLC.