Outrigger Pads

Outrigger pads from Plastic Machining Company are near unbreakable, waterproof and do not rust.Plastic Machining Company’s line of outrigger and jack pads will exceed your requirements. Outrigger/jack pads made from plywood tend to splinter, can rot over time, hold moisture and need to be replaced more often than Plastic Machining Company’s outrigger pads. Steel and aluminum pads are heavy, corrode, discolor, are difficult to replace and expensive to purchase and maintain.

Our pads are virtually unbreakable, waterproof, won’t rust, will work across a wide range of temperatures and are extremely easy to clean. These jack pads and outrigger pads can be made in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to handle the compressive loads for your application. Our standard color is black, featuring a rope handle for easy carrying, however we can do high visibility pads as well. Send us your quote request for more information.