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Plastic Machining Company Announces Online Purchasing Solutions

PMC Website Screenshot

Plastic Machining Company (PMC) announced today the launch of its newly revamped website, redesigned to offer quick and easy access to essential information on PMC products, machining services, and industry-specific solutions.

The new, uncluttered design and improved functionality allow customers to view plastic machining solutions by part type, material, or industry. Customers can request a quote for custom parts, and may now buy many OEM and replacement Poly Hi-Solidur catalog parts directly through the website, which lists all available sizes. Customers will also enjoy the convenience of being able to order high-performance grades of Acetal, Delrin®, Nylon, UHMW, and PEEK plastic sheet and rod through the online shopping cart.

Through the Plastic Machining Company website, customers can learn more about how PMC offers solutions for their specific applications. Industries served include power transmission, aerospace, mining, paper, packaging, food processing, wastewater treatment, and wood products industries, just to name a few.

Parts offered through the Plastic Machining Company website include:

The PMC website lists plastic benefits for each product type, and explains how PMC parts replace expensive metal OEM parts, significantly reducing friction and increasing part life.

Join the Plastic Machining Company mailing list by entering your email at the bottom of this page to receive relevant emails covering applications specific to you, and explore our website for available parts or to request a quote. Plastic Machining Company’s new site will be updated on a regular basis with new product launches, applications overviews, and a news blog covering changes in PMC serviced industries.

Plastic Machining Company offers custom machining for parts that meet the demands of nearly any application. PMC replaces metal power transmission components and wear parts in commercial and industrial equipment, with replacement plastic parts that offer the same abilities as their metal counterparts. We use high-quality plastics from companies including Quadrant, Cast Nylons, Ensinger, and Rochling. Plastic Machining Company is your one-stop fabricator for custom UHMW, nylon, and acetal parts including bearings, bushings, collars, guides, pulleys, sprockets, tracks, guides, wear strips, and a large selection of replacement Poly-Hi Solidur catalog parts.

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