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Cutting-Edge Plastics Reverse Engineering Services Transform Metals into Superior Plastic Counterparts

Plastic Gears

Plastics reverse engineering services from Plastics Machining Company (PMC) make converting many metal parts to plastic, without the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, a reality. This value-added service meets the exacting challenges for engineers seeking metal to plastic solutions, CNC machining, manufacturing replication and overall enhanced longevity for existing parts.

Replicating metal to plastic is near impossible especially without a part’s OEM specs. With PMC plastics reverse engineering services, the overall design of existing plastic or metal parts does not need to change, making it one of the only value-added services providing direct replacement of OEM parts and components even without custom drawings or CAD files.

Plastic GearsPMC reverse engineering capabilities span across a variety of different types of parts and applications. The material reverse engineering process includes detailed evaluation and analysis where PMC experts determine a part’s exact composition, fit, form and function. With this information, experts precisely formulate the part’s concept and design and create electronic CAD files from scratch for future manufacturing needs or CNC parts machining.

High-performance engineered polymers outperform traditional metal materials in many industrial applications. More durable than metal, their chemical composition enables near-indestructible flexibility and greater longevity. Many high-quality specialty grades of plastic materials wear significantly slower compared to metal due to inherent abrasion-chemical-corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction, low moisture absorption and more depending on the material. Plastics may not be suitable for some applications, so they won’t always be able to outperform metals, especially if loads and speeds are high. But reverse engineering can lead to improvements in many applications through thoughtful material selection and parts design, to address specific application requirements or challenges.

“In the aerospace industry, for example, gaskets, seals and other support parts recreated through reverse engineering and our plastics machining process will outperform their metal predecessors due to lighter weight and high-heat durability,” Leon Telesmanich of PMC said. “Reverse engineering makes this superior performance possible for parts like bearings, bushings, collars, guides, pulleys, sprockets, tracks, guides, wear strips and a large selection of replacement Poly Hi-Solidur catalog parts.”

Depending on the part and application, benefits of reverse engineering vary from increased part life, less fuel consumption, and less structural stress, to lower manufacturing cost and greater design flexibility. Overall, PMC plastics reverse engineering services equip engineers with the freedom to replace existing metal parts with plastic upgrades to obtain the superior performance their projects demand.

Plastic Machining Company (PMC) provides industry-leading plastic machining, semi-finished sheet and rod, custom-designed and OEM parts, as well as plastic replacements for metal power transmission components. PMC plastic sheet, rod and parts are crafted from high-performance materials from Quadrant, Cast Nylons, Ensinger, Poly-Hi Solidur and other resin converters, manufactured with precision state-of-the-art CNC routers, mills and lathes. PMC parts scale from over twenty feet long and ten inches thick to parts that can rest on the tip of a finger. PMC can produce most custom parts within fifteen working days. Contact a PMC representative for specifics. Call 877-762-5449 or visit

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